Green Light Group Tours provides action packed, life enhancing student group trips for bands, choirs and orchestras. We are known for our fantastic tour guides, attention to detail, online billing and registration, cancel for any reason travelers insurance, quality tours and an office staff that you will quickly call friends! Let’s plan a trip to look forward to!


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  • Associations and Memberships:Student Youth Tour Association (SYTA)
  • Where We Travel:Atlanta, Austria, Boston, California, Canada, Chicago, Costa Rica, England, Florida, Germany, Hawaii, New York, United States, Washington DC
    Q Do you offer customizable tours?

    YES! No two tours are the same. Every tour is a custom tour. You hire us for our expertise and experience and we will guide you to a plan that works best for your group!

    Q Why should I choose Green Light?

    Here it is in a nutshell:
    We believe that travel changes lives and opens eyes and that every kid deserves to have a travel experience. Our tours are designed with the idea that this might be a kid's one and only time in a destination city. We pack in the wow moments at a great value and help create life long memories.

    Q What inclusions are worth the money?

    Include all meals- this way you can ensure that every traveler eats well.
    Tour manager- they will handle the logistics so that you can enjoy your students!
    Night time hotel security guard- this way the chaperones will go to sleep and be nice humans in the morning.
    Online registration and billing- let us be the bill collectors.
    Travelers Insurance- in case the "what if" happens.

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